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The Trivial Sexual Sexoguay, with 2400 questions and answers on topics related to sexuality, seems an entertaining and enjoyable way to irrecibiendo small data sexual information that can break through to more technical and deep information about what interests us.

In addition to information, we wanted to make some sexual proposals in the 69 cards clothes-truth of the game, to gradually increase the sexual possibilities of relating with our partners or others, to have a large, cheerful varied and enjoyable sex life. Also to Provide communication about sexual tastes and practices.

A good sex can improve your physical and mental health, but this tienesque take charge and manage it.

Sexual Trivial Sexoguay offers you the POEXCODE process: positivar-SCAN-COMMUNICATION-GIVE

Positivar sexuality: propose free from negative values religions, education and society have placed on it. Think of pleasure, communication and entertainment. Not afraid to show your tastes.

Browse the body itself and the couple: two bodies go to the full, touching, kissing, pressing, observing, feeling ...

Communicate: It is essential to convey to the people with whom I interact, how I am, what I like and what not, when you want to slow or speed, or strength, or softness. Discuss and propose, but never pressure or impose.

Dedicate: worry about maintaining an active sex life quite often worry about is own health. Whether single / alone or in company is good for your life to give sexual pleasure to your body, your choice.

We expect the game Trivial Trivial Sexual Sexual Sexoguay can be a part of your sex life and enjoy good and unforgettable moments with your partner and if you are more outgoing / also do it with your friends.

The Trivial Sexual Sexoguay is a board game to play two or more seniors 18 years.

Before starting Interestingly prepare yourselves a nice place: you can consider light, music, smell, temperature, drink, candles ... We also recommend a good shower before you start.

Put the stage like the participants!


- Learn about different topics related to sexuality.

- Have a good time with foreplay.

- Give ideas about sex play options.

- Facilitate the sexual communication.

- Getting to answer the questions and make up to six garment-true tests TO WIN the game.


1 board, 2 dice, 6 tokens, 1 sand timer 2 minutes, 69 cards clothes-truth, and 2400 questions and answers distributed in 1200 cards. On each card are the two faculties Questions & questions.

The board:

- Represents a School of adult / os six faculties:

- Kamasutra and historical books about sexuality.

- Sexuality: anatomy, sexology.

- Dictionary of sexual terms.

- Accessories to include sexual life.

- Erotica and pornography.

- Miscellaneous Topics about sex

The route of the board has paths between faculties:

- There are 2 boxes out.

- There are 10 boxes of questions for each of the faculties with their color and logo.

- There are 6 squares are the faculties.

- There are 6 entry boxes to faculties are boxes of clothes-truth.

- There are 6 boxes reroll the dice.

- There are 3 boxes Penalty one turn by poor health.

The question-answer cards:

- On each card are included two questions with answers two different issues.

- Are identified by colors. Just answer the question of which corresponds to tucasilla.

- The card has to pick up and read the person who does NOT have to answer it.

- Can be questions: true or false (sometimes they are false bring a pequeñaexplicación), with two or three options to choose from or direct response.

The cards clothes-truth:

- Symbolize the tuition is paid in each faculty to access it.

- On each card there is an article or an intimate question to make or answer to caeren the above box to each faculty. They partner and group version version, although vecesson it.

- The card reads the person who has to make or answer. If he refuses to do it can NOT access the faculty.

- The decision whether the garment is correct, or the validity of the answer to the truth, decide on / opponents. Only with your consent you can get the card as tuition of that power.

- The card goes to the bottom of the pile if it has not been made or answered successfully.

How to play? Full Option?

- You start by placing chips in one of the two boxes salida.- the two dice are rolled and start playing who takes the greatest number.

- He who has made the most, throws the dice and start the tour. The route puedehacer in any direction and can change direction in cualquiermomento, provided the game turn is having.

- Casillas-questions: if you answer correctly to the question in box in which you fall, you go ahead. If you do not respond properly lose your turn.

- Casillas garment-truth: each of the faculties, has a garment-truth inits input box for "tuition" access to the faculty. To enter, tienesque fall into this box, pick up a card-clothing and make or answer what queindique. If you make the garment properly or you answer "truth" quedaabonada your tuition, you can enter the faculty and the proof is the card-garment laquedas you as proof. If you do the garment properly, you lose the turn and inthe next round you have to leave this box-garment and follow the path enotra address. A faculty can not be accessed by rolling the dice, get estejustificante of "tuition" is the only way to go.

- Powers: once you enter one, you will read one card-question, which corresponds to the subject of this power. If you answer correctly you quedasesa card (remember that to win the game you have to get a card in cadafacultad). If you fail, you lose the turn, but in the next round have a segundointento to respond to another card that power. If you ever fail in siguienteturno, have to leave the option to try again.

- Casillas-dice: if you fall in boxes with drawing dice, back to throw.

- Casillas-penalty: if you fall in penalty boxes you two turns without pulling pormala health.

- He win the first person to "graduate", ie, to get cards-preguntade 6 faculties and become "expert / or sexuality"

- If playing solo, the person who wins is entitled to request a sexual action supareja. If no ideas can choose any of the clothes-test the game.

- If playing in group: the person who wins will be spectator of a lap dance realizadopor who choose between / participants. Duration 4 minutes.

How to play? Short option?

Play-respuestas.En only couple questions:

- Half of questions for each / or cards are dealt.

- The questions are distributed by faculty. Each / or have their piles.

- There you go alternating one question from each faculty.

- The number of correct answers will win is agreed.

- Cards are the correct answers is whoever succeeds.

- The number of wrong answers is noted. If you do not answer I do not apuntafallo.

- To find out who wins subtract errors to correct answers.

- The person who wins is entitled to request an action sexual partner.

In Group:

- Both teams are made.

- Each group appoints a spokesperson to read the adversary and answer questions that make them, but consult with your team before responding.

- From here the same rules as the game solo.

- The group that wins will enjoy an erotic dance performed by all / losing group members. Length 4 m


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