Masturbator "Tenga Egg Cloudy"

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Eggs TENGA EGG allow masturbation pleasant and smooth, producing sensations to skin contact, never before experienced. With this masturbator will enjoy your best orgasm.

Made with medical grade elastomer that does not cause any allergic reaction, tolerated by the body, very elastic and adjustable to fit all sizes. The interior of each egg Have Egg has a new system of grooves that provide different kinds of pleasure.

To use it, you just have to remove the wrapper and lubricate it with lotion lubricant is included. Place the tip as if it were a condom and stretch down.


How EGG used?

Remove the plastic film, and open the casing.

Apply the lubricant lotion that is in a bag, inside.

Put it on the tip. Now playing with her super-stretchable material stretching, turning ... to your liking.

* The bag lubricant is within a small plastic tube.

Can be used several times EGG?

The EGG are designed for single use.

They seem very small, Can I penetrate completely?

The material is extremely elastic and can even completely cover a bottle of 500ml.

Are the electronic EGG?

No. The stimulation is manual.

What is the difference between the 6 models?

Interior details are different. 6 different models provide 6 different experiences.

¿EGG LOTION should be used only with EGG?

No. Can be used to apply more lubricant to the EGG or in any situation you need a good lubrication.

What health and safety offered EGG?

As EGG are designed to be penetrated without a condom, we have taken extra precautions for safety and hygiene. So our products contains substances that could be harmful, such as vinyl chloride, etc. Our products and lubricants have passed rigorous testing by independent laboratories.

How should I dispose of EGG?

The EGG are plastic products. Waste separation and recycling may vary from country to country. Please check local regulations for details.


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