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Great kit with 4 erotic games, including instructions in Spanish.


4 Play Dice: You roll the dice in turn. The die black indicates the action to be carried out. The white die indicates which part of the loving body must carry out that action. It is played in this way until both lovers are in line for a hot sex session.

4 Play Fantasies: Your 20 cards will help you launch a thousand possible sexual fantasies. 20 cards are shuffled and placed face down into 5 rows of 4 cards each. The two players go around 5 cards in turn. The goal is to raise a letter of each color: black, pink, red, green and white. If a color is repeated during a player's turn, this should be stopped and put back face down cards that have already tapped. Then comes the turn to your partner. The first player to turn over a card of each color wins the game and can give free rein to their imagination.

It's time to implement lovers fantasy achieved with the combination of winning cards. Gather the necessary accessories and Discuss about how to perform any of the actions of the letters that you seem open to interpretation. Start with the black card and then rose incorporate friendly to your lovemaking. Keep up the red card and green and, finally, with white.

4 Play Roulette: Your lover and you do spin the wheel turns. In the first run a complement or an action of those in the inner circle of the wheel that should be incorporated into foreplay is selected. Later the action comes to foreplay and sex practice in their best players will join. In the second roll is selected in the center circle a certain action of foreplay. A player corresponds to the black and the other pink. The action is what comes out will be implemented on lover's body as the background color you have left. Finally, it spins the wheel again to select the sexual position.

To implement the selected options, start experimenting with complement or action that has come out in the first run. This activity should be repeated throughout all foreplay and sex. Then put into practice the action of foreplay and who does it is who should decide what part of your body or your lover will apply. Gradually, we will pass from foreplay to full sex and experimenting with sexual position that has left at roulette.

4 Play Trivial: Through this game of questions and answers, you'll know what excites your partner with a romantic, funny questions and some risque. Each player chooses a question by turne notebook and the poses her lover. Every time a question is asked, the player must respond by trying to guess what answer his opponent. If successful, winning a card game. The first player to get 5 tokens wins the game and pick up three questions which have left the game during play. These questions will be used for foreplay and lovemaking. For example, if a question is about aphrodisiacs, you can incorporate the favorite aphrodisiac Player to foreplay. Game questions have a box to check off each one as they come out in the game.

Guaranteed fun!


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